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Geosynthetics high quality

Highways and Roads

The geotextile Geotesan Esplanade placed on roads, highways, airport runways, parking areas, access roads, etc., function as a filter layer, pollution control and stabilizing.

The data required for the use of geotextiles in roads and other trafficked areas, according to UNE-EN 13249 are:

Features Método de ensayo Features
  Filtration Separation Reinforcement
Tensile EN ISO 10319 H H H
Elongation at max load EN ISO 10319 A A H
R. Puncture (CBR test) EN ISO 12236   S  H H
By fall cone test EN 918 H A H
Opening characteristics EN ISO 12956 H A  
K. perpendicular to the plane Reforzar H A A

H: required for harmonization (required) A: applicable to all conditions of use S: aplicables a condiciones de uso específicas. * applicable to specific conditions of use. * Also, give durability, according to requirements of the standard. The obligator test are the H.


Mechanical criteria:

In roads, the PG-3, Ministry of Development, Article 420, requires minimum values for the geotextile. Below is a comparison of the criteria in the PG-3 and heat set geotextiles:

Group E= Rt x elongation
v. mínimo (KN/m)
R. Traction
v. min (KN/m)
Perf. Cone
v.máx (mm)
Geotextile Geotexan Geotextile Functions
PG-3 Geotesan PG-3 Geotesan PG-3 45Geotesan    
0 6,4 11,1 16 18,5 20 14 NT-30 Separation
1 4,8 9,4 12 14,4 25 17 NT-23
2 3,2 5,5 8 8,4 30 30 NT-15
3 ,24 5,3 6 8,1 35 35 NT-13
0 2,7 7,2 9 9,6 30 30 NT-15 Filtración
1 2,1 6,2 7 8,3 35 35 NT-13
2 1,5 5,6 5 7,0 40 40 NT-11
3 1,2 5,6 4 7,0 45 45 NT-11

Hydraulic criteria:

The PG-3 requires that in laminar flow, the permeability of the geotextile perpendicular to the plane is greater than 10 times the permeability of soil in more cohesive (Kg> 10Ks) and turbulent flow geotextile permeability perpendicular to the plane is greater than 100 times the permeability of the soil and more cohesive contact (Kg> 100Ks). Heatset geotextiles meet these requirements.

Criteria for Retention::

Generally effective pore opening of the geotextile should be between 0.05 and 0.20 mm. Geotextiles heatset meet this requirement.

Geotesan geotextiles used for each function and type of soil:

Therefore, taking into account the above requirements and checking the standard hydraulic permeability of soil in contact more cohesive, the types of geotextile GEOTESAN Minimum to use for each function and type of traffic, are:

According to practical experiences, on the important values: the CBR of the subsoil or bottom layer, the thickness of the layer of compacted fill or first tier and the maximum diameter of this filler, it is recommended, as types of geotextiles GEOTESAN to use, the following:

CBR subsoil Minimum Thickness D.max. filling D.max. filling
De 0 al 1 400 mm Up to 150 mm NT-23
De 0 al 1 400 mm Greater than 150 mm NT-35
De 1 a 3 400 mm Up to 150 mm NT-17
De 1 a 3 400 mm Greater than 150 mm NT-23
De 3 a 6 200 mm Up to 150 mm NT-15
De 3 a 6 400 mm Greater than 150 mm    NT-23
Greater than 6 200 mm Up to 150 mm NT-15
Greater than 6 400 mm  Greater than 150 mm    NT-21
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