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Geosynthetics high quality


The fields of application for employment may be: road tunnels, rail tunnels, mine shafts, underground constructions, service tunnels, etc..

Its main functions are:

In the UNE 104424 (placing. systems waterproofing tunnels and galleries with prefabricated thermoplastic sheets PVC-P) gives the minimum values that must be met for this geotextile application, distinguishing open tunnels and tunnels dug into segments and tunnels. Here we see a comparison between the standard geotextiles  and Geotesan geotextiles .

Defining the minimum mechanical and hydraulic properties of the geotextile, depending on the type of tunnel.


Metal framed Standard Aggregate 0-4 mm Aggregate 0-8 mm 0-16mm aggregate
    Valor NT-30 Valor NT-30 Valor NT-35
R. Tensile KN / m UNE EN ISO 10319 15 18,5 18 18,5 21 23
Elongation at break% UNE EN ISO 10319 80/40 60/65 80/40 60/65 80/40 60/70
CBR resistance (N) UNE EN ISO 12236 2500 3500 3000 3500 4000 4000
K in the plane m / s to 200 kpa UNE EN ISO 12958 10-7 7x10-6 10-7 7x10-6 10-7 8x10-6

Therefore, depending on the type of tunnel, the minimum Geotesan  geotextile  valid in each type of application is as follows:

On the other hand, the geotextile must meet the characteristics specified in EN 13 256 (requirements for use in the construction of tunnels and underground structures). These features are:

Application Fields Main Features Protection Functions
Tensile EN ISO 10319 H
Elongation at maximum load EN ISO 10319 H
Dynamic perforation resistance (cone) ENs 918 H


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