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Geosynthetics high quality




The GEOCEM is a fiber made ​​from 100% virgin polypropylene following the latest extrusion and spinning systems that provide high quality and important features that make it the ideal complement to concrete and mortar additive.

CE Marking of the product.

marcado CE

This product is marketed under the CE marking according to Directive 89/106/EEC provides for construction products.

The CE mark is the UNE - EN 14889-2 Fibres for concrete. Part 2: Polymer fibers, definitions, specifications and conformity February 2008>.

This product must not be classified as hazardous according to the rules of the EC (67/548/CEE-88/379/CEE). Therefore not be a specific signaling.

Mode of action

Used since early 2000, additive in high strength concrete is used in the construction of tunnels, because it gives them a degree of passive safety, as it significantly reduces the risk of explosive release. (Spalling)

The use of fiber GEOCEM fresh concrete reduces the formation of micro cracks in the set, responsible for the subsequent development of shrinkage cracks.

Its use in hardened concrete increases the impact resistance and dimensional stability. Also increases the fire resistance and toughness index and decreases permeability.

GEOCEM fiber also increases the performance of concrete against abrasion.

Geocem fiber occurs in water-soluble paper bags give cuts of 6, 12 and 24 mm. From 150grs to 1500grs ..


The polypropylene fiber is 100% virgin GEOCEM used in the following applications:

Benefits Generated

GEOCEM fiber provides the following benefits through its use as an additive in concrete and mortar

How to use

In the preparation of concrete and mortar fiber can be added both dry GEOCEM after dosing of water.

GEOCEM fiber can be used in any type of mixer used for the production of concretes and mortars.

The ideal dosage of the fiber is 0.6 GEOCEM kg / m3 and the mixing time in the mixer is approximately 50 segundos/m3 and the mixing of the concrete plant from 30 to 45 seconds per m3

For high-strength concretes are recommended dosages of 1 kg /m³.


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